Model: Sam Gerrits aka Llamalicious Cosplay and Alexandra Jones
Sam’s clothing: Pure Romance by Sam Gerrits
Photographer: Jack Flint of Flintography
Location: Abandoned Haunted House Complex
Event Hosted By: Unplugged Artistic Event Planning
Postmortem 2002-3111 x 3888-FlintographyPostmortem 2026-3348 x 2678-FlintographyPostmortem 2062-5015 x 3343-FlintographyPostmortem 2076-3456 x 5184-FlintographyPostmortem 2085-5184 x 3456-FlintographyPostmortem 2108-5108 x 3405-FlintographyPostmortem 2118-3456 x 5184-FlintographyPostmortem 2137-4889 x 3259-FlintographyPostmortem 2137-4889 x 3259-FlintographyPostmortem 2154-5184 x 3456-FlintographyPostmortem 2161-3245 x 4867-FlintographyPostmortem 2164-5184 x 3456-FlintographyPostmortem 2171-5184 x 3456-Flintography