Model: Jaads
HMU: Jaads
Clothing: Jaads and Kateri Taylor

Model: Johanna Wermer
MUA: George Heatley
Hair: Briana Mac
Model Assistant: Briana Mac

Photographer: Jack Flint of Flintography
Location: Abandoned Haunted House Complex
Event Hosted By: Unplugged Artistic Event Planning
Postmortem 2451-3836 x 3069-FlintographyPostmortem 2473-2530 x 3162-FlintographyPostmortem 2530-3456 x 5184-FlintographyPostmortem 2556-3456 x 5184-FlintographyPostmortem 2602-3868 x 3094-FlintographyPostmortem 2669-5184 x 3456-FlintographyPostmortem 2682-4769 x 3179-FlintographyPostmortem 2686-3829 x 2553-FlintographyPostmortem 2718-5184 x 3456-FlintographyPostmortem 2723-5184 x 3456-FlintographyPostmortem 2763-1968 x 2952-Flintography