Guardians of the Children - Northern Lights Chapter
Guardians of the Children is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization comprised of motorcycle enthusiasts that use motorcycles as tools to help children who have overcome child abuse, ages 0-17, become strong, confident, and courageous again. Once a child has made an outcry of abuse and the criteria for our support is met, that child is “adopted” into our family as a Little Guardian.

Members of G.O.C will escort the child to court, attend school and social events at the child’s request, provide protection and support, and sponsor “Little Guardian” private events, yearly. The goal of these events is to provide a safe space where the Little Guardians can have fun, socialize with others that have experienced similar trauma, and forget for a moment about the fear, doubt, and insecurity that was forced upon them at such a young age. Every child has all the power and strength within themselves, just like a motorcycle on the open road, and the biker behind it, we just encourage them to unleash it as we fight their demons together.
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