Welcome to my Journey
Visit often, comments are welcome. This is a personal but public journey. Every day of 2023 I am going to take (and eventually post) a photo. If I miss a day I will forgive myself and keep going. My only rule will be all photos need to be the result of deliberate consideration. I expect to share many photos unworthy of a positive critique. The photos are mundane mile markers on a long journey.

My reasons for taking the journey
I've had a creative block and a resistance to share my most personal work for several years. This journey is an effort to break the block. I will embrace shooting objects and styles I am not comfortable with. I will be fearless with experimentation. I will not sacrifice creativity in search of a positive critique.

Expected outcome
With deliberate practice will come increased skill and a happier outlook on life.
Dying PrayerSunny dayWoman with candlesLanternPirateCandle in frameSophyiaReflections of a SelfieCrocs and SpiceDespairBrass #2Brass #1Idea #2EsherIdea #1HarvestUntitledMake a wishTime