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Bikes 1st Place Avawolter-4122Bikes 1st Place Avawolter-4124Bikes 2nd Place Elizabeth Laplant-4126Bikes 2nd Place Elizabeth Laplant-4127Bikes 3rd place Bailee Dillenberg-4130Bikes 3rd place Bailee Dillenberg-4133Bikes Winners Group PhotoCostumes 1st Place June Lena Basil and Jade Chiamulera-4171Costumes 2nd Place Tyson OlsenCostumes 3rd Place Teagay Brooks-4184Floats 1st place Evelyn Charlie and Mary Rose Hayder AND Violet and Ivey Sigafoose4167Floats 2nd Place Simon Celia and Opal Katzke-4153Floats 3rd place Mckenzie and Lielghton Dix-4158Floats Winners Group PictureTrikes 1st Place Braylee and Brielle Calhoun-4139Trikes 1st Place Braylee and Brielle Calhoun-4140Trikes 2nd Place Addi Toms-4142Trikes 2nd Place Addi Toms-4143Trikes 3rd place Zachary Laplant-4145Trikes 3rd place Zachary Laplant-4146